Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More on Cholesterol

Reverse heart disease? Who ever heard of such a thing? Well, it can be done. There is hope for all of us over-weight individuals who scoff down french fries and ladle tons of gravy and butter on everything. Yep... we can do it.

Several top researchers put some patients with advanced heart disease on a plant-based diet hoping to stop serious heart attacks or worse, death.... and guess what happened?

                                                  The disease started reversing!!

Oh boy, am I on a warpath now to do the same thing. True, I didn't have advanced heart disease but the early warning signs were there with my LDL reading at 165. And, I am on statins for gosh sakes. And, have been for years. Gotta get off those things, they aren't good for you. Medicine offers relief but it doesn't treat the underlying cause. That is up to us.

Anyway, back to the study done with that diet. It's too good to miss!!!

The plaque started dissolving in those plaque-clogged arteries. That's a miracle, folks. Our body wants to be healthy. We just don't listen to it. We are too busy stuffing our mouths with fat-laden foods and sugar, sugar, sugar.

Just try this on for size! In the study it was reported that there was a 91% reduction in angina attacks
after those patients were put on the plant-based diet. Some were on an exercise regime, some were not. (I love anything that I can do without exercise hehe)

God says our body is a temple. We should treat it as such, as a gift from God to enjoy life and give Him the glory. I can't wait to get back to my doctor for my annual checkup. But, it's a long wait... I don't go back until Oct. Gee whiz, I ought to be rocking with good health by then!!

TIP: Statin drugs can interfere with CoQ10 (an antioxident) so eating a plant-based rich diet is very important. Incorporate greens into as many meals a day as possible. Try putting just about anything you eat on a bed of greens. Use lettuce leaves to wrap your sandwich ingredients instead of using bread.

How often do you eat greens? You should eat 2 servings each day (1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked each serving)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Bad Cholesterol

The culprit!! Cholesterol. That's what. And, it can start gathering in your veins by birth. WHAT!!!!

Yep, don't need to wait until you are 50- 70- 90 to start worrying about those bad numbers in those blood tests. If you have small children (or children not so small) it's time to begin a healthy kitchen atmosphere in your home. Yeah... I know.... easier said than done.

There's two cholesterols racing around in those veins like race cars on a track. And, HDL is just cruising along leaving no destruction behind but man, that LDL is a vicious bugger. It's spurting out all this junk that's clogging your arteries. You put good gasoline in your car. Why aren't you putting good fuel in your body?

To reduce that bad LDL you need to reduce trans fat which comes from processed food and meat and dairy and saturated fats found in animal products and junk food. UH OH... see where I am going? Gee, you ask, what am I supposed to eat then? Oh, I will tell you in the upcoming posts. And, you know, I haven't found it to be painful at all.

Had your cholesterol checked lately? It should read under 150 mg/dL. Most doctors say that if you have a reading of 200 mg/dL you are probably normal. But, "normal" in this fat-eating, overweight society means that "NORMAL" is not a good thing.

I'll leave you with another recipe. One I have used several times. Later on you will learn why chickpeas (and other beans, etc) are great for you but right now, just trust me.

TIP: If you are watching your cholesterol eat a healthy, low fat diet that includes fiber and legumes. Instead of using butter when you cook substitute the butter with olive or canola oil.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Sweet Potato-Black Bean Chili

When I had read the report from my doctor about my BMI... and my higher-than-oughta-be blood pressure... and my cholesterol screaming at me as usual. It was time to do something. I knew it. In fact, I had been knowing it. Sometimes it just takes a jolt to shake you up a bit, set  you into action.

One of the suggestions on that report was that I check out SlenderKitchen.com. Well, if they recommended it, it must be good. And, true, it was, but I had a bit of trouble making it work for me. I still get on the site and get recipes, tips, encouragement but I also started searching for any recipes that had the nutrition chart with them wherever I can find them. 

How much saturated fat does this one have? How many calories in one serving of that one? I started paying attention. I subscribed to a couple magazines. My favorite is Allrecipes. 

So, I get in the kitchen and see what's in my cupboard. Not good!! Most of the boxes are filled with 'white stuff'. Nope, that's not good at all. I threw out cake mixes, white flour, Hung onto my white sugar (my fellow likes sweet tea and he's not interested in changing his eating habits). 

                               And, I found the ingredients to make my first "HEALTHY" dish. 

                                           SWEET POTATO - BLACK BEAN CHILI

I'm off to a good start. Oh, I didn't have the chipotle chiles so used more chili powder instead. 

Do you have a favorite healthy chili recipe? Would you share it? 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Beginning to A Healthier Life

The past few months I have been trying to be a much healthier person. Do you think it is rather late in life? I should have started that when I was 20. 

                                            Oh well, better late than never. 

After having numerous digestive problems, colon cancer, gallstones, diverticulosis, suspected celiac, I told myself.... those things are not going to correct themselves. DUH...

                                             So,I took the bull by the horns.

                             I am in the process of wrestling that sucker to the ground. 

                            I would like to take you along on my journey to being healthier.

To begin with I ordered the book by Dr. Michael Greger titled "How Not To Die". I have to admit that the title intriqued me. I surely wanted to know how NOT to die. That book has become my 'bible' of healthy living that I refer to often. In these blog posts, I will paraphrase him often. I love his take on life and living. 

here are some info from:
Chapter 1
How Not to Die From Heart Disease

We all know about cholesterol, the fatty deposits that build up in the linings of the blood vessels. I have had high cholesterol for years, take medicine for it to keep it under control but I had never thought that perhaps I could do more to control it myself. So, that's one of the areas I am working on.

image from wikipedia

As cultures evolve, so do our eating habits. We eat so badly!! Lord help us all.

People in countries that have diets based on plant-derived foods seldom have heart attacks. Imagine that!! 

And, teeth in people who lived before the toothbrush, they had no cavities. They had no sugar. The reason people get cavities now is that they'd rather eat sugar and then go to the dentist and sit in that chair with the dentist drilling away, than do without the sweets. 

Just as we can avoid sugary foods that rot our teeth, we can also avoid trans fat, saturated fat and cholesterol-laden foods that clog up our arteries. 

Are you game?