Monday, January 30, 2017

Bad Cholesterol

The culprit!! Cholesterol. That's what. And, it can start gathering in your veins by birth. WHAT!!!!

Yep, don't need to wait until you are 50- 70- 90 to start worrying about those bad numbers in those blood tests. If you have small children (or children not so small) it's time to begin a healthy kitchen atmosphere in your home. Yeah... I know.... easier said than done.

There's two cholesterols racing around in those veins like race cars on a track. And, HDL is just cruising along leaving no destruction behind but man, that LDL is a vicious bugger. It's spurting out all this junk that's clogging your arteries. You put good gasoline in your car. Why aren't you putting good fuel in your body?

To reduce that bad LDL you need to reduce trans fat which comes from processed food and meat and dairy and saturated fats found in animal products and junk food. UH OH... see where I am going? Gee, you ask, what am I supposed to eat then? Oh, I will tell you in the upcoming posts. And, you know, I haven't found it to be painful at all.

Had your cholesterol checked lately? It should read under 150 mg/dL. Most doctors say that if you have a reading of 200 mg/dL you are probably normal. But, "normal" in this fat-eating, overweight society means that "NORMAL" is not a good thing.

I'll leave you with another recipe. One I have used several times. Later on you will learn why chickpeas (and other beans, etc) are great for you but right now, just trust me.

TIP: If you are watching your cholesterol eat a healthy, low fat diet that includes fiber and legumes. Instead of using butter when you cook substitute the butter with olive or canola oil.


  1. Your recipe looks good! Thanks for sharing it....I love fresh tomatoes!

  2. Another recipe I'm sure I will like! I actually have a can of garbanzo beans in there (are those chick peas?) and when I go to the store I could get the tomatoes. I'll try it and let you know about both recipes.

    1. Marie, yes, those are chickpeas. And, I didn't have fresh basil so I used some dried.