Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More on Cholesterol

Reverse heart disease? Who ever heard of such a thing? Well, it can be done. There is hope for all of us over-weight individuals who scoff down french fries and ladle tons of gravy and butter on everything. Yep... we can do it.

Several top researchers put some patients with advanced heart disease on a plant-based diet hoping to stop serious heart attacks or worse, death.... and guess what happened?

                                                  The disease started reversing!!

Oh boy, am I on a warpath now to do the same thing. True, I didn't have advanced heart disease but the early warning signs were there with my LDL reading at 165. And, I am on statins for gosh sakes. And, have been for years. Gotta get off those things, they aren't good for you. Medicine offers relief but it doesn't treat the underlying cause. That is up to us.

Anyway, back to the study done with that diet. It's too good to miss!!!

The plaque started dissolving in those plaque-clogged arteries. That's a miracle, folks. Our body wants to be healthy. We just don't listen to it. We are too busy stuffing our mouths with fat-laden foods and sugar, sugar, sugar.

Just try this on for size! In the study it was reported that there was a 91% reduction in angina attacks
after those patients were put on the plant-based diet. Some were on an exercise regime, some were not. (I love anything that I can do without exercise hehe)

God says our body is a temple. We should treat it as such, as a gift from God to enjoy life and give Him the glory. I can't wait to get back to my doctor for my annual checkup. But, it's a long wait... I don't go back until Oct. Gee whiz, I ought to be rocking with good health by then!!

TIP: Statin drugs can interfere with CoQ10 (an antioxident) so eating a plant-based rich diet is very important. Incorporate greens into as many meals a day as possible. Try putting just about anything you eat on a bed of greens. Use lettuce leaves to wrap your sandwich ingredients instead of using bread.

How often do you eat greens? You should eat 2 servings each day (1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked each serving)


  1. It really is important for people to know the old saying is true...we are what we eat. It makes a BIG difference! I ate a salad for lunch with all kinds of greens and organic tomatoes and for dinner I had asparagus, just lightly sauteed, still crisp and yummy! Hugs!

    1. I'm impressed. Sounds like you are eating very healthy!!

  2. I do think it a good idea to swap certain foods like the example you've used i.e. use lettuce leaves instead of bread for a tasty sandwich.

    How about using Portobello Mushrooms in place of a bread roll - great if eating a burger (made with good quality meat).

    I also like using Cauliflower Rice in place of white rice.
    The possibilities are endless!

    Doesn't Diane's (Lavender Dreamer) lunch and dinner (above) sound good!

    Happy Friday
    Happy Weekend too

    All the best Jan

  3. We make sure that spinach is on our shopping list every week, Latane. We use it in omelettes, sautéed with a fish or meat or in a salad. It's our favorite green veggie!

  4. All this is such great info! I know we need to eat more greens. Russell's heart disease is scary since he won't eat many veggies and loves his meat and carbs. Slowly maybe we can make these changes.