Friday, January 27, 2017

Sweet Potato-Black Bean Chili

When I had read the report from my doctor about my BMI... and my higher-than-oughta-be blood pressure... and my cholesterol screaming at me as usual. It was time to do something. I knew it. In fact, I had been knowing it. Sometimes it just takes a jolt to shake you up a bit, set  you into action.

One of the suggestions on that report was that I check out Well, if they recommended it, it must be good. And, true, it was, but I had a bit of trouble making it work for me. I still get on the site and get recipes, tips, encouragement but I also started searching for any recipes that had the nutrition chart with them wherever I can find them. 

How much saturated fat does this one have? How many calories in one serving of that one? I started paying attention. I subscribed to a couple magazines. My favorite is Allrecipes. 

So, I get in the kitchen and see what's in my cupboard. Not good!! Most of the boxes are filled with 'white stuff'. Nope, that's not good at all. I threw out cake mixes, white flour, Hung onto my white sugar (my fellow likes sweet tea and he's not interested in changing his eating habits). 

                               And, I found the ingredients to make my first "HEALTHY" dish. 

                                           SWEET POTATO - BLACK BEAN CHILI

I'm off to a good start. Oh, I didn't have the chipotle chiles so used more chili powder instead. 

Do you have a favorite healthy chili recipe? Would you share it? 


  1. Just found your new blog, Latane, and sure hope this comment gets through. I always got an error message when trying to leave a comment on your other blog :-( That said, I wanted to thank you for this recipe and I will be sure to keep checking back because like you I am also trying to make better eating choices :-)

  2. My husband uses kidney beans...lots of tomatoes and sauce and chili powder! Sounds good right now! I added your new blog to my sidebar! Wishing you the very best! This is something we ALL need! Hugs!

  3. That does sound like a good vegetarian chili. Thanks for the recipe. My husband and I both like chili.
    I am diabetic, anemic, and need to get my cholesterol under control.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. It really sounds delicious! I will try it!