Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I have fiber on my mind this morning. It's been late in life, after my colon cancer, that I have found out how important fiber is to our well-being.

I'm getting graphic here... sorry but necessary. I have struggled with constipation all my life and noone ever told me what to do about it. I strongly believe that my cancer came about because of things not passing through my body in a normal fashion. Just my take on it.

I had the whole nine-yards... the endoscopy, the colonoscopy, x-rays, ct scans, the works and they found that I had a small hiatal hernia and diverticulosis. I also have been taking medicine for acid reflux for years!! And, boy, I suffer if I miss a dosage.

Now, I am learning how important fiber is and I am doing something about it. Did you know that only 3 % of Americans get a minimum intake of fiber per day? And, did you know that people who eat a plant-based diet seldom have the problems that arise from lack of fiber (constipation, hiatal hernia, acid reflux, cancer and hemorrhoids, varicose veins etc).

                       There are two kinds of fiber - 
Soluble, which helps lower cholesterol and blood glucose.
Insoluble which helps with the bathroom issue!! 
Plus, fiber regulates and slows digestion so it makes you feel full. Hence, you eat less (hopefully)

Women need 25 grams of fiber per day (21 grams if you are over 50 years of age, of which I am)

Where do we find fiber? In beans, fruits, grains, leafy veggies and you can also take fiber in over the counter medication. I tend to love the fiber gummies!

                                                     Here are some amounts per cup.

                                                           1. Split Peas.............16.3
                                                           2. Black Beans.........15
                                                           3. Lentils..................15.6
                                                           4. Lima Beans..........13.2
                                                           5. Broccoli...............5.1
                                                           6. Raspberries..........8
                                                           7. Blackberries.........7.6
                                                           8. Avocados.............6.7
                                                           9. Bran Flakes..........7
                                                          10. Oatmeal.............4

Geez, I wonder how we can incorporate those into our diets to come up with 21 grams? Should be pretty easy if you eat a lot of beans!! There I go on again about eating beans. Trust me, they are good for you.

Disclaimer: I am no expert, just simply a woman who is interested in living a more healthy life. I find my material from reliable sources on the internet and from "How Not To Die" by Dr. M. Greger. 


  1. I so wish I knew what to believe about beans. Half of the "experts" out there say beans are terrible, not as bio available, inflammatory, hard to digest etc. The other "experts" say the exact opposite. How's a person to know who to believe??

    1. Haven't you found that with a lot of things. Eggs are bad, no wait a minute they are good. Coffee is bad, whoops it's good for you and so on. It's hard but I love the book I mentioned. Dr. Greger's team researches every paper written on any health subject, every test trial done on meds, every report given on any health info. That's how he has come up with his findings and I like that there is a large team behind the findings, not just somebody trying to sell a product.

  2. Not "into" split peas and lentil, but I have always served a fair amount of lima beans, and as I said before, chili with beans. LOVE blackberries but they are so seasonal... and I read somewhere recently that broccoli is a huge healthy veggie, so I started trying to serve that more often. About black beans: it can be one of the beans I add to the chili, but let me tell you a story about what happened today. Living in a new place, we are bound and determined to find a "favorite" Mexican restaurant because we like to go to one whenever we get paid, as a treat. The first place we tried, we weren't very impressed. So, we asked the Dr. today to recommend one, and we went to downtown Redmond to try it out. Judging from the menu, this was not your ordinary "Mexican" restaurant, and it wasn't expensive, just very different. I ordered a crabmeat enchilada. My hubby always gets a beef enchilada and beef taco, which is what he ordered. When our plates came, the rice was GREEN...they had cooked it in spinach water. Hubby wouldn't touch it. It didn't taste all that great, I have to admit. The beans were black beans, which I enjoyed, but hubby wouldn't touch it! There was some vinegar-based red cabbage, which I ate but he wouldn't. I enjoyed my crabmeat enchilada, and he said the taco and enchilada he ordered were fine. But we won't be going back there either. And so much for serving black beans at home. That will go over like a scoop of spinach rice! :-)

    1. That man!! He should be creative and try new things. But, boy can they (the male race) be stubborn.