Friday, March 31, 2017

Vitamin D

It's dark and dreary out there today. Not a speck of Vitamin D floating around in the sunshine, 'cause there isn't any!! We don't get enough Vitamin D as it is and now with the rain coming down, there is none. Guess it's supplement time today.

* I am not promoting this particular brand.

The Institute of Medicine recommends we get a minimum of 800 IUs of Vitamin D per day (it's 600 for all you young chicks under 70). I've never been a sun-lover. I love being in the house and I surely don't get what I need of the sunshine vitamin. If you are over 60 your skin just doesn't convert the UV rays into Vitamin D so you really have to work at it to get enough.

Here's some tips to help out in that department

1. Choose a cereal that is fortified with Vitamin D.

2. Milk is fortified with Vitamin D so add that to your cereal to get more of the good stuff. But, no fair trying to lap up vitamin D in your ice cream. Won't work... stick with the milk.

3. Eat fish. Sockeye salmon is best. Trout, mackerel and tuna also provide Vitamin D.

4. Canned tuna or sardines can be a substitute for fresh fish. It's an inexpensive alternative and can be kept on a shelf for long periods of time... stock up on those and use them!.

5. Get at least 20 minutes of sunshine a day without sunscreen.

6. If you take vitamin D. supplements be sure to not exceed your total intake for a day which is 4000 IUs. The excess over that amount can be stored in your fat and cause toxic buildup.

7. You can't sit in front of a window (or hope to get Vitamin D while you are driving) for glass blocks 100% of the UV rays that would convert into Vitamin D. It won't work. You gotta get out in it.

8. UVB rays are the most potent in mid-day (right when it's hottest UGH) but that's when you need to be soaking up the rays!

So, go sit in the sun... unless you have a rainy, yucky day like I do today. Then be sure to take your supplements.

Info came from "How Not To Die" by Dr. Michael Greggor and from


  1. Great post! I had a wonderful salmon meal the other day. Roasted it in aluminum foil in the oven after sprinkling with dill and laying lemon slices on top. Served with some cranberry compote Y gave us (it went great together!) and English peas and baked sweet potatoes! Yum! The sun is shining today...seems to about every other day, though the temps are still chilly. Maybe C and I will go for a short walk.

  2. Yep, sardines at least five times a week for me. Not my favorite addition to my food list but not only are they good for vitamin D but they also have high values of calcium. It's really my only viable way to get calcium from food. I am staying away from dairy not only because I'm intolerant (which could be handled with taking lactaid) but also it has growth hormone and I'm leery that it may spur on my hormone induced endometrial cancer. I want to try and help my body fight so sardines are the highest non dairy food, after that broccoli and dark green veg like collard greens. Strangely, here collards are hard to come by, I guess north west Canada hasn't embraced them yet much. LOL. Thanks for your comment, I can't believe Five is moonlighting as one of your counting sheep!! I'll have to have a talk with that boy. ;o) Have a great week!

  3. I just love salmon, I also enjoy a walk in the sunshine ... weather permitting!

    Happy April Wishes

    All the best Jan

  4. We are sun-starved here in WA state! I didn't realize tuna had vitamin D - good to know! xx Karen