Sunday, July 16, 2017

Healthy Eating Establishments

So much has happened since I last posted. I am sorry for not keeping this blog more up-to-date but perhaps that is in the near future. 

First of all, my companion of the past five years, got terribly sick. Then he passed away just before Father's Day (and his 87th birthday). So many emotions, not able to think and so when I had the opportunity to go to New York to stay with my daughter and her family for a visit, I did just that.

I am home now. Ready to get back on track. I gained a little during all of that.. emotional eating. We tend to do that, don't we? It's time to start eating healthy again. 

I did have this amazing HEALTHY BOWL meal while I was in Rye. Daughter Susan and I had lunch at Dig Inn. Stark setting, a buffet line... but everything looked so good. These are the things I chose to have served in my bowl..

                                                           Roasted chicken
                                                    Roasted sweet potato wedges
                                                             Mixed greens
                                                     and a half of an avocado.

It was wonderful. And, the best thing was, I felt like it all was so good for me. I wish we had a Dig Inn near me!! 

Do you have a favorite healthy eating establishment that you frequent... if so, tell us about it.


  1. That does look good!
    There is a Mexican restaurant near us that serves wonderful chicken soup. Generous chunks of chicken breast and rice in a Mexican flavored broth (not too spicy) topped with chopped onions, tomatoes, and avocados. I usually order extra sliced avocado. Very healthy until I eat all the tortilla chips that come with it!

  2. That food looks awesome! So healthy too.

  3. I'm so sorry about your loss...that can be so hard. Hope you are alright my friend. And we eat at home most of the time because we don't really see good food being served at the restaurants here. We do have a Chinese restaurant that only uses fresh ingredients...that's good. Hugs, Diane

  4. I am truly sorry that you've had this loss and pain. I think that if you even remembered there WAS a better way of eating but didn't follow it, you're on the side of the angels. Pain and loss is difficult at the best of times and staying on a diet plan while mourning seems like an impossible feat. I wish I could wrap up a few home made quiches and some delicious bone broth veggie soup for you so you didn't have to cook and do it all yourself. Just know I'm thinking about you and hoping you move forward in the best way possible for both your physical and mental health. Hugs to you.